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We believe that the technology should be used to achieve a positive impact on society and people.

We believe that a proper use of technology has to be based on healthy values and should be respectful of Nature.

Our purpose is the development of a sustainable and healthy company that combines technology and respect for the people.

Our goal is to become a model of excellence and a source of inspiration for other companies all over the World and especially in Wallonia, the region we are coming from.

Our mission is to use technology and sciences to produce natural phenomena.

Today, our main application is the wave.

We bring the Ocean in your pool with a technology based on resonance and consuming very low energy. The WaveBall can simulate nearly all natural conditions encountered in the sea.

With more than 400 WaveBalls in 49 countries, we are extremely happy to contribute every day to the success and the satisfaction of our customers and partners … bringing the Ocean into their pools.

Daniel Iannello – CEO

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The WaveBall is available in more than 49 countries