Life & Science waves - WOW

The WaveBall Technology creates the same conditions than the real ones encountered in the sea.

The best solution to simulate natural conditions for sea life and scientific testings & measurements

Sea life World

Either in zoos or aquariums, the waves from WOW are really the best to:

  • Break the mirror of the water. This offers the advantage to hide in the aquarium the scenery and the installation at the sight of visitors and at the same time it recreates the real effects that are encountered at sea.
  • Recreate a characteristic swell effect.
  • Recreate a marine environment with waves of rocks for the outdoors.
  • Improve animal welfare, stimulate flora and fauna through a environment full of life and moves.

Universities and test centers

In addition to computer simulations, tests performed in a pool can provide valuable data.

For universities and test centers, by recreating a characteristic swell, measurements and tests can be made on mockups for example.

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