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The WaveBall Technology is able to simulate the real conditions encountered at sea.

The best solution for sea survival training centres

WOW Company International is the world leader in the production of the waves for rescue and survival training centers.

The WaveBall technology allows to recreate real conditions encountered at sea.

The advantage for our partners is to be able to benefit from the ideal training and conditions by simulating perfectly the real conditions. This is ideal for training offshore workers, sea and air rescue teams and for the armed forces.

The WaveBall is a wave system that can create very precise and reproducible waves.

In general in this field, the wave heights vary from 500 mm to more than 2000 mm.

The WaveBall technology is compatible with all pool shapes and with most of the rescue trainings.

In the field of training centers, we are partners with Survival Systems Limited (SSL) and we are part of the IASST organization.

The WaveBall technology is available worldwide today.

Many professionals, training centers, universities and armies trust WOW Company International.


It is clear that training is mandatory to prepare an individual for an emergency situation.

By exposing individuals to the most realistic situations possible, the quality of the training is greatly improved.

It is by immersing individuals at a maximum level of fidelity with what is happening in reality that they are best prepared for the stress and anxiety that arise in real life situations.

The WaveBall is the ideal system for a training center that wants to simulate the conditions encountered at sea.

In addition to the important advantages of technology, there are some specific advantages for the training centers:

  • The WaveBall can be arranged in different places in the same pool
  • The WaveBall can be easily removed from the pool and stored outside the pool
  • The WaveBall allows different programming to work with several types of waves (amplitude and frequency) depending on the need.
  • The WaveBall is compact and can be combined perfectly with the other equipments  useful for training.

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