Advantages - WOW

Find the advantages of the WOW Technology

The WaveBall brings the Ocean in any pool, with a very low consumption of energy, no heavy infra-structure and many other benefits from the WaveBall technology.

Her technical characteristics provide a set of advantages that make the WaveBall a unique product in the world.

Low energy consumption

The average consumption varies from 0,5 Kwh for the 105FL model up to 4 Kwh for the 180F model.

This represents an energy consumption of 10 Wh/m² which is the lowest energy consumption on the market.

The advantage for you is not only a low cost of use but on top the possibility to produce waves with a minimal impact on the environment and without wasting precious energy.

This is extremely advantageous and unique in the world.

Low Maintenance

The maintenance is really reduced as there is nothing special to do beside the replacement of some spare parts (bungees, protection for the cable) and therefore, the advantage for you is a cost of use and management extremely reduced.

The triangulation system is to be checked to ensure the normal wear and we recommend to change the bungees once or twice per year depending on the way you use it. This is easily done in just a few hours.

The protection of the 12V power cable of the WaveBall has to be  checked regularly and changed if necessry, which is done preventively once per year.

This keeps the WaveBall in perfect condition for many years.

The cable is to be replaced after about ten years.

In short, the WaveBall has a very low maintenance need – only a few hours per year.

Easy installation

The installation of the WaveBall is easy, which is a great advantage as you don’t need a heavy infrastructure to produce the waves, unlike other systems on the market.

WOW Company International supports its customers from the beginning of the project to ensure that all relevant technical details are respected and that the installation occurs in the best conditions.

Valid for all pools

The WaveBall is suitable for both new pool buildings and existing pools.

Often the only modification for an existing pool is to create walls to maximize the resonance.

For more information, visit retrofit

Important lifespan

The WaveBall is built to last.

WaveBalls installed more than 25 years are still satisfying customers all over the world.

We also offer warranty extensions after the standard 2 years. This is proposed with a warranty and maintenance plan.

Uninterrupted waves for pools from 35 m² to several thousand m²

The WaveBall can operate 24 hours per day without interruption, so there is no need to wait for a time delay between two waves.

The waves are uninterrupted and the pool can be animated continuously.

Moreover, with the WaveBall, you can create waves in pools from just 35m² up to several thousand m².

For the very large areas, it is possible to use several WaveBalls.

Safe technology

The WaveBall is powered by a 12 Volts cable.

The frequency of the WaveBall and its move are such that the swimmer can approach the waveBall safely .

Silent technology

The WaveBall is quiet, unlike pneumatic systems.

The advantage for you is to have waves without any noise … no stress at all !