Retrofit - WOW

You already have a pool ?

You have a pool and you want to bring a new touch or to bring life into it ?

Waves are a fantastic opportunity.

  • Waves in your pool will bring life into your pool
  • Waves in your pool will bring the sea and exoticism
  • Waves in your pool will create a great  differentiation compared to your competitors
  • Waves in your pool will increase the attendance

The WaveBall is the only solution offering the advantage of being easily installed in nearly all types of existing pools without the need for rebuilding a machine room.


Two key steps for the retrofit

1. The freeboards

It is indeed mandatory that the waves produced by the WaveBall can be reflected against the edges of the pool. Depending on the type of waves requested, these will have to be more or less important.

Solutions exist to create a freeboard on all or only a part of a pool or even to create resonant areas in a part of the pool.

An area can be integrated within the pool. Adding walls and/or glass or plexiglass walls can create the freeboard that can contain the desired wave height.

A global enhancement is also possible

2. The anchorage and electrical supply

Anchorage by chimical drilling

Sealing anchorage

Example of electrical supply

For more information, please see the technology page