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Imagine the ocean in your pool

We believe in a technology that serves and respects the nature to create waves and to simulate the ocean in a pool.

Campsite / Resort
Public pools

Fun waves

Sea survival training center

Training waves

Zoo / Aquarium

Life & science waves

Unique technology

Our technology is valid for all shapes and dimensions of pools.

It is possible to vary the characteristics of the waves both in amplitude and frequency.

Height of waves of 10 to 40 cm Height of waves of 40 to 80 cm Height of waves of 80 to 120 cm Height of waves of 80 to 120 cm
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The WaveBall

Low consumption

The energy consumption is about ~ 10 Wh/m² which is the lowest energy consumption on the market .The advantage is not only a low cost of use but on top the possibility to produce waves with a minimal impact on the environment and without wasting precious energy.

Low Maintenance

The maintenance is reduced to a minimum as there is nothing special to do beside the replacement of some spare parts and therefore, the advantage for you is a cost of use and management extremely reduced.

Easy and quick installation

The installation of the WaveBall is easy, which is a great advantage as you don't need a heavy infrastructure to produce the waves, unlike other systems on the market.

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A new project ? A retrofit ?

Do you need a standard or a custom solution ?